The FPSO's Secret Weapon:
How Combined Cycle Boosts Power & Sustainability


Seamlessly integrate a reliable, efficient combined cycle power plant into your next FPSO project, while prioritizing environmental responsibility.


Navsar's comprehensive system integration expertise for offshore combined cycle power plants, the ideal choice for decarbonization, increased efficiency, and cost savings

Maximize Power Generation at Sea...

Minimize Environmental Impact

Navsar is your trusted partner for optimizing offshore combined cycle power plants within FPSO projects. We understand the need to balance operational excellence with environmental responsibility. Combined cycle technology offers a compelling solution for the offshore industry.

  • Reduced Emissions: Combined cycle plants achieve significantly higher efficiency compared to traditional open-cycle gas turbines, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions per unit of power generation. This aligns perfectly with the industry’s commitment to decarbonization.
  • Unmatched Efficiency: By capturing waste heat from the gas turbine exhaust and using it to generate additional power with a steam turbine, combined cycle plants extract more energy from the fuel source. This translates to lower fuel consumption and operational costs.
  • Sustainable Savings: The combination of reduced emissions and increased efficiency translates to significant cost savings over the lifecycle of your FPSO project. You benefit from lower fuel expenses and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Experience You Can Trust

Skilled in Natural Gas, HSD (including Engines), and Solar CSP integrated Combined Cycle plants.

With over 9+GW of professional experience in engineering, commissioning, and troubleshooting combined cycle plants.

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Our services have been successfully delivered across multiple countries, including: Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Honduras & more …

For over 19+ years, Navsar has delivered exceptional engineering, commissioning, and related services for power plants. Our portfolio includes successful projects showcasing our ability to:

  • Develop and execute comprehensive commissioning plans tailored to offshore requirements.
  • Utilize industry-leading software tools to optimize plant design, control systems, and 3D modeling for space-saving layouts.
  • Deliver successful projects that meet or exceed performance expectations.

A Collaborative Approach to Success

We believe in building strong partnerships. Our collaborative approach ensures we understand your specific project needs and tailor our services accordingly. Whether it’s adapting to unique gas turbine specifications or mobilizing resources for on-site commissioning, Navsar is here to support you every step of the way.


Ready to Take Your Offshore Power Generation to the Next Level?

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