Technical Staffing

Navsar Engineering International is your trusted partner for Technical Staffing solutions that transcend borders. With the capability to service over 160+ countries, we provide access to a diverse pool of skilled professionals and experts, ready to bolster your project teams with precision and expertise.

With our headquarters in Singapore and a well-established global network, we have the capacity to connect you with technical talent from around the world. Our extensive reach spans across continents and industries, ensuring that you have access to the right skills, no matter where your project is located.


Whether you require Power Plant Sizing, Civil Design, Piping Design, Process Engineering, or other specialized engineering roles, we have the expertise to match the right talent to your needs.

Construction Roles

From Civil Supervisors to Piping Engineers, Instrumentation Specialists, QA/QC Experts, and more, we provide experienced professionals to ensure your construction projects run smoothly.


Our commissioning experts cover a wide range of roles, including Process Commissioning, ICS Commissioning, Electrical Commissioning, Rotating Equipment, HSE/PTW, Desk Operations, and more, to help you bring your systems online effectively.

Maintenance and Outages

When it comes to maintenance and outages, our talent pool includes Technical Advisors (TAs), Turbine Mechanics, Instrumentation Technicians, Crane Operators, MW Fitters, Electricians, and more, ensuring your facilities operate at peak efficiency.

Industries We Serve

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Our Commitment

At Navsar Engineering International, our commitment to excellence extends beyond borders. We are dedicated to helping you build high-performing teams that drive the success of your projects on a global scale.

Partner with us for Technical Staffing solutions that transcend boundaries and deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to discuss how we can elevate your project with our global talent network.